Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some Progress!

Well here are pictures of my Wool Peddlers Shawl, very dark, I have got to figure out this camera!n Not very far, but that's okay as I have been getting a few other things done. I haven't kept up on the posts, but I need to check, I think I would like this alittle bigger than the pattern so I will have to change my amount of stitches I end up with.

I'm not to good at winging it so I will double check all of your messages. This is a close up of how the yarn is knitting up. I think I like the weight of it, I am hoping the lace will show enough.

Also the other day, after I had been combing more of the purple yarn for my SIL Dragon Shawl, I had all these bits and pieces left over from the combs. So I thought, can't waste that! So I got out my Rose and used the wild flyer and this is what I came up with. I am surprised at the results. I now have 200 yds of really soft bulky weird yarn. I'm not quite sure what to do with it, but I may knit and felt a small purse. Any body got ideas for 200yd of yarn?

I also have started a pair of socks, this is my first,

so I am just kinda hoping that will fit someone :))

They are very relaxing to knit, but I will be to

the heel before long and then I will have to think!!

I just finished a purse for my daughter. It was a pattern in Vogue Knitting Mag. out of recycled silk. I was really please when I finally finished it. It has been off the needles for a while but for some reason the lining was just really getting to me.

The instructions were Greek! But yesterday I just sat down and did it my way and am excited on the finished project. It has pockets all the way around and the way it is mitered it hangs really nice too. So tomorrow in the mail it goes!

I am also still working on the Surprise Shawl and I'll tell you, I have had one heck of a time with it. I am using very fine yarn and had some yucky needles and was not happy with the looks of it. I ordered some Knit Pick Harmony needles in a 2 and a 3. So I started over on my shawl last night, broke the yarn and left the other on the needle just in case :}. I am really happy with this sample so I think I will start over, again. There are quite a few people that are in the slow group, and I figure if I am going to put that much work into it, I should be very pleased with it. It has been a real challenge for me to knit this as my mind will not wrap around things as it once did. My Dr. said that it is normal after you have a loss like we have experienced so to be patient with my self, but boy after you have looked at the same line 5 times it gets alittle ridiculous!!

It has been a rough week this week, my mind has been on Jeffery constantly, has been the same with my husband for some reason this week too. I think that is why I am trying so hard to stay focused on some things, it is a good feeling when I finish something. Although planning and starting things are fun too, but I end up with so many starts, and not enough finishes:))

I wanted to add, I LOVE THESE NEEDLES! I am going to order the set and then some more of the individual smaller sizes. If you haven't tried these, give them a try. I can't say enough good about them. I think what I noticed the most is how effortless it is to use them. I have some problems with my hands, don't we all when we get to that age?, and these are so much easier on them I can knit longer pain free.
We have had great weather here, cold, clear, some rain we need very badly. Perfect hobby weather! This next week I need to get in and start a quilt I have had on the books for several years. It is a English Cottage Quilt. Twelve different 12" cottage squares. Shouldn't be difficult and fun to do. Hopefully it won't take me too long to finish it. I already have 2 tops done I need to put backs on and quilt. I suppose I should finish those before I start the other one.
O well :)))