Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Post? What's a Post?

I know I have been moving, but geeez you would have thought I could have atleast kept up a little on my blog!
We have had such a time during this move, my hubby said we would have made a good country song! It really was one thing after the other. But now we are here and I am hoping I can get settled. Of course I hurt my back, to old, to out of shape and in too much of a hurry to be doing the things we had to do in the move. I have had to slow down, which is frustrating as I don't slow well :)
We have the mobile up here, it was quite and ordeal to get it up here and then the rain made it so much worse! We had to have the area graded so the mobile would sit level and not be to high in the air. So of course the rain made the wonderful NC clay slick and muddy. The drive is 350 feet up hill and narrow,we had a business that has a special house tractor pull it up. I couldn't watch. It took all day to get it up here and then a day to get it settled and hooked up. I often thought it would have been easier to just wait and get the house built!
On the property there was an old mobile. It really is a dump. We had to have it removed to a lower spot before we could do anything. That was also a ordeal because of the slope and it hadn't been moved since 1990. It is going to be a studio, but has much work it needs. First to reside, then paint,flooring and rip out the baths and replace with half bath and storage. It will be really nice when it's done, it won't take too long ( I hope!) A few week ends!
I am so excited about having a dyeing kitchen and all the comforts of the house in my own area. And I'll finally have room for all my quilting things out at the same time. I really love to sew.
Of course we had alot of timber cut to get up here and the guy that did it was so great. He cut all the timber for free and stacked all the small limbs in nice neat stacks for us to dispose of. But now, we need to do just that. I don't think we have an area where we can burn safely, we have a chipper so that's what we will probably do, and maybe haul some off. That will be a few more week ends!
We also have some cosmetic things to take care of as when they were getting us up here the bottom of the drive got tore up a little as did the back yard as they had to go down the hill to hold up the mobile! So we need to get the shovel and rakes out and do some work. A few more week ends!
As you can tell, going to be busy for a few week ends!
I am having such a good time with the group on Yahoo. Everyone is so nice and so imformative! We have had a few people on the list that have gotten ill and everyone has been so supportive tolerant of them.
As far as fiber things, as you can imagine they have been limited! I am knitting and have finished a the purple scarf,hat and gloves for the Dear Daughter. I have also been knitting on the CVM vest for hubby and the shawl I have been picking up and putting down for a year! Then because it was so darn cold here for a while I knitted a quick hat and gloves for me!! Of course my blocking board is taken apart so nothing has been blocked! Do you block hats or gloves?
Hubby's job is going well he has been busy and like the people he works for. Soon he will have his client list built up and will be working alot from home. I like that, as he is really great company and gives me a good excuse to sit and spin or knit while I spend time with him!
Hopefully I can get it together enough to find my camera and get some pics taken to post. Hopefully I can keep my blog more current! I would like to add some more links,patterns and instructions of interest. I need a blog update!!