Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Today I'm Bored!

I know, it doesn't make sense, I have to sit here and now all I want to do is get up and do things! Any other day I would say yea I get to sit and knit, but today, I don't want to. So I did some spinning on the Mach 1 and let me tell you, you really can spin with 1 leg. It just isn't as comfortable with the other on a foot stool!
So dogs are fine, best friends today, me on the other hand probably should have gone to the Dr., but to late for stitches now so I will just tuff it out. If I can get it to stop bleeding I think it will be fine. It doesn't look infected or any thing, just bruised,swollen and bloody!
Enough details :)
We have Directv and have more that 500 channels and there is nothing on TV! This is ridiculous. As you can tell, I am not a very good injured person.
Here are some pictures of some German wheels Vickey on the handprepared fibers group posted the other day. It is always so interesting to see more wheels!! These are different. Now I want to know what it costs to get them here.
Nice looking aren't they?
I am looking for a knitting pattern for a matching hat and gloves and scarf if possible for my daughter. I would like something that has 2 colors as I have that nice gray Shetland and Angora mix with the Lavender mohair mix I was knitting a hat for her, but have lost interest and would like to try another pattern. I just haven't found anything I like.
So best get on with the knitting, I would like to have my shawl done, it is so soft!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not For The Faint At Heart!!

So I am doing my morning chores, feeding the dogs, cleaning kitchen ect. Our rescue Jack always eats by him self, he was starved before we took him in and has taken his food very seriously now that he has had some! Pete and Penny have always eaten together since pups so we have never had a problem. I usually stay present so I can see whats going on, pick up dishes as they are done and finish cleaning up the kitchen. Today I decided to go back and brush my teeth as I was in a hurry to go out and work on some of my stuff. Penny decided to go and check out Jack and see if he was done! Jack growled, Penny lunged and that was it. I come out running, both are gnashing at each other, Jack is on top and Penny is exhausted, after all she is "old girl" and he is the "young pup". It's alittle intimidating being in between 160lbs and 145lbs, but I get him off of her, looks like things are calming down and out of the blue, Penny goes for Jack and my leg is in the way! OMG does it hurt!

Trust me, it looks better in the picture :( So I get some ice on it as it is quickly swelling, now I am just having alittle trouble stopping it from bleeding. It really does hurt :O

So now how will my day go?

And yes, the dogs are fine, Penny has a puncture on her ear and neck, Jack looks to have a couple on his neck, mom definitely got the worse end of it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Week End Catch Up!

It seems after each week end I am always behind. Behind in house work, behind in fiber prep, behind in groceries, behind in energy! I lag behind in shipping things that have sold from my store too. I always try to be so prompt on that one in particular. I hate waiting for things! So today isn't any different. I have spent all morning cleaning, who would think 2 people and 3 dogs and 2 goats would need that much work! No the goats aren't in the house, but they still need tending. If someone had told me how much Danes shed I would have told them they were crazy, but boy how they shed! I love my vacuum, it's a Dyson and it works!
So now I'm tired and need to get more done so I am going to spin and knit for a while :) Makes sense don't you think? I got caught back up on my shawl, ya know how you put a pattern down and then when you pick it up you have lost the rhythm? It always takes a few rows to get it back and get the counting right. I don't know if I am just getting old, or soft in the head, no comments, but I have a hard time keeping count. I used to keep it all in my head, not if it's not on my clicker, it's gone. I also got another batt done for my sock yarn, I am beginning to think I am going to have to spin up some solid Salish to ply with it so I have enough yardage. I ran out of the blue green, darn. But it should still look okay. I'm not a sock knitter and would like to try the magic loop method, I've got a book around here somewhere.
We had frost this morning! I was so surprised. These days are so great, love the weather. We have Pines and Hardwoods on the property and the leaves are looking so pretty. What I should do is take out the Mach 1 and do some spinning outside :))