Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lazy Morning

It's Tuesday after Labor day and I am not getting a very fast start! But I did take a couple of pictures last week so I thought, what better excuse to still not get dressed and get started with my day :))

I put some things on my Etsy site and was combing some Salish, thought I would share that with you. I just can't tell you how interesting this fiber is.

This is what it looks like when I get it and after I wash it, which is very easy by the way.

This is what it looks like on the comb after I comb it

And coming off the combs and after,

It is so soft!

Isn't it beautiful? I am going to spin this for a lady that purchased some of my yarn on Etsy she is on my South East US Street Team, thewishingwell.etsy.com. It will be a thick thin yarn to go with the Turquoise she got. I have 1/2 bobbin spun up on my Mach 1 and will fill it up with this. Then I am finally going to weigh the bobbin and see how much it holds. I keep getting asked that and everytime I do fill a bobbin I forget to weigh it!

Here is some of the naturals that I have on my site, I am surprised it hasn't sold. Maybe it's too boring. I love natural colored wool. This has Yak in it and quite a good amount, it is so soft. I have 4 oz. Maybe I should make my daughter some gloves for winter in Wisconsin.

I also have been going thru some boxes in the storage shed. I have so much stuff in there I will never have room for that stuff again! So I put some of them on my Etsy site. If anyone sees something they like and the price is too high, throw me and offer, I just need it to find a good home. All of it is either vintage or antique and I just can't bring myself to donate them yet, but it may come to that! I feel a great need to pare things down! Simplify, Simplify!

Murano Hand Blown Glass Candy 5$ per dozen

I have 2 dozen

This is a Weiss pin in perfect condition. Very pretty blue, I was going to use it as a shawl pin, but it is too heavy :(. I got this as an estate sale years ago, forgot I even had it!


This is sun glass from the early 1900's, I have 2 of these. Pressed glass they are small around 5" wide and 2" tall. So delicate and pretty.

5$ each

I have more things on my Etsy site and will unpack more this week. I have oil paintings,glass,fleece,weaving yarn,oriental vases even an oriental elephant porcelain foot stool or little table! You would have to see it :))

I take paypal, check or mo. I don't really like to use my blog for advertising, but I really don't have an avenue to get these out, and I really don't want to ebay these few things.

We have had so much rain! And with Hanna maybe hitting the Carolina's we will probably get more next week. Doesn't look like it will develop into anything serious, but still lots of rain! I really don't mind to much, but here it gets so humid, yuck.

Well this is the month our son died 2 years ago. It doesn't seem possible. The 29th of this month. I still remember that day from minute to minute and the next few, then they start becoming a blur. I would have never realized what a change this makes in a parents life. You always think "how awful" but it is worse than that. We still don't get to see his kids, Lauren is 7 now, she is the oldest. Elliot the youngest will be 2 this December 10th. We haven't seen them since last November. It just breaks my heart that Jane could be that hurtful. I wish I knew why she turned over night. One day was fine the next she wouldn't talk to us,take any of our calls. Told The nanny not to let us see the kids. They are 2 hours north, so you try to get in touch before you go, we didn't really want a scene with the kids there. I may never know, but I really miss them. I think I have posted pic earlier on my blog. I miss him so much, he was always mom's boy. He was born on Christmas morning, what a gift, I was only 18 years old. We were kids ourselves.

I know he is in Heaven with the Lord and I will see him some day.

Warned you ahead of time this would be a journal some days :)

So whats everyone think of the conventions? Beside taking up too much time on TV? We are Republican and I am happy with Governor Paylon running with McCain. But I am tired of th politics on TV from both sides!

Tomorrow I am going to get some things done! Today was one of those days. I have so much Alpaca I really need to get some of it worked up and on my site. I have about 40lbs! I have every color you could imagine, especially some very soft pretty black. I'm not sure if I should leave it raw and put on my site or comb it up and then put it on my site. I just have so much, hard to get thru it all.

And I have about 40lbs of Salish greys,browns and white. It takes dye so well. I spun up some brown for a cardi for my hubby, it is so springy and soft. Should work up nice.

And I have about 20lbs of CVM, now that is the best!!!! So pretty and soft. A little more work to wash, but well worth it and no veggie matter!

So now I have gotten myself excited about tomorrow, I think I will go pull some down and make some plans :))