Friday, August 15, 2008

Wow It's Been A Long Time!

So much for keeping up with my blog. It has been a couple of up and down months I guess and feel like if I don't have pics to post I am kinda boring :)
I have been moving my stuff out to my new room, it has been overwhelming, plus I got a space as SAFF and have nothing to go. Seems like everytime I feel like I get on top of it, something happens and I fall behind again. I just don't have excess energy or attitude to pull from anymore. I still feel like I am trying to catch my breath since Jeffery. We are still on the outs with the DIL, I guess as we haven't heard a word. It's been since last November since we saw the grandkids. I miss them so. These last 2 years have been the hardest of my entire life, and Ihave been here 57 years!
I haven't been spinning much, did get 3 new looms, getting them set up this week end. Randy went to Pennsylvania to pick them up, isn't her a sweet husband? One is a Weavers Delight, that is going to be his loom. It is in wonderful condition, the other is a little Lillstina folding loom. She is really cute, I will clean her up and sell her. The last is a Clemente Loom 60" 4 harness with a fly shuttle, this will be my fabric loom, don't have room to set her up yet, she is in the rafters! I will spend a week figuring what to put on them and another warping. I have alot of fleece, need to get that dyed and combed and on my Etsy site. I joined a group for SE Etsy sellers. They seem like a great group and are very active, I am hoping I can participate more in a week or so.
Goats are doing very well, eating like they are suppose to, now they have shown me how much work I have to do cutting down saplings and clearing under the trees! So nice to have them stay in the fencing, they just have such a large area now they really don't want to get out! Although, they have access to the back and side of my building and when I am in there they come and butt the side and rub to let me know they are there. It's startling everyonce in a while!
I feel better now that I have atleast posted, tomorrow I will post some pics of fleece and my room, it's a mess, but almost all my stuff is out there!