Friday, May 23, 2008

Yahoo Group Lists

Well I have a forum on my own blog! I am really having trouble with a list I belong to. It seems like every time I post I am told I am advertising. I can't talk about wheels because I sell one. I can't talk about fibers because I sell them, I can't have this in my signature line, it can only be this long. Yet it seems that there are others that make there own product who can mention what ever they want. Or perform services that they are recommending one do. Others that can have "please visit my store". This is not advertising?? This is a list with no selling. I can understand that, but I mean come on folks. If you belong to a spin-list and you can't talk about wheels and fibers, what do you talk about? I belong to a huge number of lists, and this is the ONLY list I have ever had any trouble with. I am not going to cancel my membership (although I may get booted), I enjoy the posts and learn allot. But don't you think a moderator should have some moderation?
Gee it's nice to have your own soap box :)

I've Had Over 1000 Visiters!!!!

Oh my goodness, to think I would ever have that many people come look at my blog. Every time I see someones signature with their blog address that is the first place I go :) I love learning about y'all and getting to know you personally. I just think the Internet is amazing! I have made more friends, people I chat with everyday and never met in person. Years ago, when I was in school, you had what they called pen pals. I used to write people from all over the world, never thought as an adult I would have such access to so many people. Sure does bring people closer, and expands your knowledge and compassion for those around you. Wow, thanks everyone for taking and interest in my blog.
Everyone have a safe and happy Memorial day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've Kept Up This Week!!

This is my second post this week! Actually it's because I have worn my self out and I figure if I am doing something on the computer, I'm doing something constructive. So I finish spinning my lavender Shetland,Angora, it's been so long I don't remember what else!

Here is the 3 ply Alpaca,Salish and Merino I plied for the SIL a scarf, it actually felt alittle scratchy so I thru it in the dryer,dry of course, and fluffed it up some. Made it bloom alittle and soften it right up:)

Yesterday I had blended some Oatmeal Merino I had gotten from Jean Near a couple of years ago with some light brown Alpaca. I didn't think I had anymore washed so I dug thru my stuffs and came across the CVM I had gotten form The White Barn Farm and couldn't help washing just a little so I could see how it looked. Come to find out, I had already washed the Merino so it was ready to go. Here is a picture of the CVM. This is amazing fleece, not cheap, but worth every penny as there is hardly any waste and it is so easy to wash for a fine wool. This year I got a cream and a varigated brown. Last year I got a varigated grey and a cream. Next year I will have to mortgage my house to pay for what I have reserved!

This is the Merino and light brown Alpaca. Isn't it yummy? It is sooo soft, I'm just not quite sure what to use it for yet. I guess I will wait till I spin it and then it will talk to me, hopefully it will whisper MY name.

I also blended some silver Salish and grey Alpaca. Very soft, will have a little more hand than the Merino blend, so I am thinking something with texture. I just love the Salish, it is so soft and

fine, yet a long fiber with strength. I haven't made and socks from it but I expect it will wear well.

Anyone tried Suri?? Here is some I combed. It is as soft as silk. Amazing, I already decided if I get a Alpaca, it will be a Suri. I am going to use this for a woven blanket, I can only imagine the drape and softness it will have.

So while I have been so busy, here is what the rest of my family is doing all day :)))

So I got 2 more things ready for my Etsy store, I separated some of the grey Alpaca locks. I have 8 oz. Absolutely no veggie matter and no dust. I have run all the Alpaca thru my dryer and it is very clean and very soft. It has little black tips, no gaurd hair.

Then I mixed some Salish and black Alpaca on the blending hackle. It really turned out soft and pretty. I need to spin some up for a sample skein.

So now I have kept up on my blog. What everyone going to do over the 3 day week end? We are still dismantling our shed. Hopefully by Sunday we will start putting it together again! We are going to have great weather,in the 70's and low 80's. Low humidity. Boy is that nice this time of year. Another month and yuck, won't want to go outside. It's like walking into a sauna only you have to wear clothes!!

Have a nice week end everyone, and leave a comment while you are here!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Come and Gone

Well I had a birthday on May 16th, 57 years old! I have a hard time with bdays now, as I feel like I shouldn't have them if Jeffery can't. I don't think that is so odd, but some of my friends do. My hubby sent me shopping up north to pick up some Alpaca and Llama. Now there's a man that knows his woman :)) Here are some pictures of some of what I picked up. I have run half of it thru the dryer, it is too windy to go out and shake, so most of the dust is gone. I have more than I need so I would imagine that I will have to put some up for sale. But we are working on our out building so maybe I will just,insulate, the roof:)

There are a few with veggie matter, but most of that will come out with combing and some more shaking. Only alittle straw. The colors are beautiful and really soft. There were 2 Llamas that were a little on the courser side and I will use that for weaving. I also got a couple of Suri. I hadn't ever gotten that before.

The Suri has more veggie matter than I like, but it being fairly straight and very very very soft, if combs right out and ends up with a fleece that is as soft as cashmere. I haven't gotten any pictures of the greys and the Suri yet, I will post them when I do. Anyone out there used Suri? I think I will weave a blanket with it. Should have beautiful drape.

I also have a lot of Salish coming at the end of the week, all white this time. Can't wait to mix some of it with the white Alpaca and do some dyeing. I already mixed some white Alpaca with some white CVM, almost enough to make you drool. I think I will put some of that on my Etsy site and see if someone else might like to try their hand at dyeing some really really soft fleece! I also have been thinking about mixing some sock yarns. I need to get some nylon and I think with the Salish it would be very soft and very strong. To many thoughts not enough time.

We are suppose to have thunder storms today, I just love them. The dogs have a fit, but o well. And my goats are still in the fence. Now I am thinking they are not eating fast enough and maybe hubby would like a couple of Angora Goats???? We are still working on that.

When I went to get the Llama and Alpaca, Louella the farm owner, also raises Miniature Donkeys, Scottish Highland Cattle and of course Llama and Alpaca. It was great fun to go around her farm, makes me want to take one of each home. Boy would I have to look for a new home :)

I have been trying to post to my blog at least once a week, but I also have been trying to post to the lists I belong to. I got into a rut and just read for a long time, but now it is time to participate! So that has been my early mornings before hubby and dogs get up. Only problem, I have found I need to read twice before I post, short on morning coffee leads to odd posts!