Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chatty Month!

Well I have been chatty this month, I am amazed how much I enjoy talking here. I put up a link showing who follows my blog and a place to subscribe. I have 1 loyal follower, thank you, but it is looking alittle empty so if you are so inclined to, please subscribe so it doesn't look so empty!

I have been trying to keep busy this month, but I really feel yucky physically it's hard. Isn't it interesting what your mind can do to your body? I know my only problem is knowing the 29th can't be avoided, and I still relive that day like it was yesterday. I still have so many questions I will never get answered. Not seeing the kids is getting harder too. I was in Sam's the other day and all the Christmas things are out and looking at the girly and little boy things is very hard, I will always remember how Jeffery and the kids loved Christmas. It was his birthday too, Lauren always was amazed how daddy had the same birthday as Jesus! :) I still have 4 more days so I really need to put this off as long as possible so back to fun stuff!

Yesterday was one of those days and didn't really get anything done, I want to start on some weaving and quilting, but I need to get ahead in some of my fiber prep so I have something to put on my Etsy store. So today I'm taking some pictures.
Here is something I am working on right now, it is a Rambo mix, blended with Silk. unusual colors you say! Yes, it's pretty don't you think?

I am hoping to have atleast 4 oz of this and then I will have some solid fuchsia to do with it. I blended it on my hackle, I just love that thing!

We have been talking on the new list about batts that look so pretty and bright and then when you spin them up they loose the distinction they had before. I have been trying to spin up a sample of everything I do so I know how it looks and post a pic of it. It is surprising sometimes!

I also need to get the dye pot out. I haven't gotten very experimental with that. I need to throw caution to the wind and go for it! Okay, you convinced me, that's what I need to do today! I think I try to do to many colors at a time, maybe just do several wools in several colors. It really isn't much trouble to get set up to do it.

So Hi Ho Hi Ho Off to dye I go! :))

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Esty Stores?

I'm curious what most of you think of Etsy compared to EBay? I have sold on EBay for years, usually antiques when I had my store. I haven't had much luck selling fiber on EBay as there seem to be alot of vendors that can sell things for nothing! I'm thinking they are going for volume. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I am a one gal show and can't even begin to keep up with that! I like Etsy too, I think maybe it is limited to who shops their. So I'm wondering if it would be worth getting my own site? I know alot of people that use a blog for their store, maybe I should start a blog just for business. I don't want this to be that type of blog as I would really like to be able to post personal things. I need that right now. So I guess what I am asking of the few of you that actually visit my blog, what do you think? Do you go to blogs that just sell? Do you prefer stores? Do you shop on Etsy?
Now doing just that, getting down to personal stuff :)
I am really having trouble with my hands :( I know I have carple tunnel and have been avoiding getting it taked care of, but now my artheritus is starting to bother me more. I think it is all the combing I have been doing with longer wools. I have to pull harder to get it thru the diz. I combed that whole Llama blanket last week and my hands are paying for it this week. So I have used Tiger balm,Alieve,Heat,Tylenol. Maybe Advil? It's not that I can't stand it, it just that I am dropping everything and can't close my hand all the way. I am going to comb some more today, would like to do some Alpaca, that is a little easier.
I need to take some pictures today too, doesn't it get boring just to hear someone ramble?
The new group is doing well, everyone has done just wonderful and full of info.
I have a table loom for sale, I will get pics up this afternoon. It's a nice little LeClerc Dorotyhy 8 harness. It can hold up to 16 harnesses. It does have one small crack on the second harness set, but I have glued it and it is stronger than before. It is also reinforced by the rubber dowel that runs thru the shafts, LeClerc did a good job in making sure their boxes for the shafts was strong. I am aking 400 including shipping. I have 4 floor looms right now and don't have room for the table loom. It has been sitting on my kitchen table for months and haven't even looked at it nor have I found a place for it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Two New Pets:))

Well I was visiting another site and she had a little lamb. No her name isn't Mary :) So I checked it out and picked up Marty and Licorice. You can pet Marty, he will follow your cursor. Licorice eats alot and scratches. Now if she bothers you, as I am finding her scratching can , please go down and push her sound button and she will just eat and stop her scratching!
Had a very busy week end. Got some drainage put in the front before winter so it won't erode so bad. We have sand here and it will wash off until you get to the harder sand stone and then it will wash from there into deep ruts. Our property has a slight grade down to the creek, so if we get really bad rains, which it has been know to do here, it can be a mess. So we have planted some rye grass around the yard and in the pastures and graveled the drive. Also have been getting the storage shed cleaned out. We moved from a 3800 sq. foot house so we have lots of stuff. It's almost all going way! I am so tired of having so many things, I want everything to be simple and useful and that's all! I'd rather spend my time doing things I like at this point of my life and with no family around (that we get to see :( ), won't be having all those family dinners and get together either. It's hard sometimes to look at something and think, oh maybe I should keep that. Haven't used it for 5 years! But now all of a sudden I will need it :0. Not anymore! I finally kicked hubby out of the shed and started going through it all alone. He is worse than I am.
Also got some really pretty things listed on my site and had a several sales this week end so I am behind at the beginning of the week. That's okay, now I will have to go out and work on some more Alpaca and other pretty things :))
I listed some combing wastes for felting, last time I sold these so fasts and got really good feedback on them. But I think maybe I priced it to high, so this afternoon I'm going to lower it to 60 cent an oz. It's really very nice, if I had the time and enjoyed spinning more novelty yarns I would keep it and spin it up. But my time is better spent doing more of what I enjoy. I started adding blogs I enjoy, not that I have just started enjoying them, I just forget to add them! Like movies I watch, I forget the names before I can get it listed and then I think, oh that was a good movie what was the name of that? Yes it's called age!
So I guess I best get it going, do something productive, beside clean house!