Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a Quick Note

So how was every ones long week end? We just dismantled our storage unit. Have most cleared out since the wind decided to "help" us. It is starting to get warm here. Not much humidity yet, thank goodness. We are going to have some thunderstorms again today.

We went shopping last week, looking at portable buildings. We are in the process of building, or should I say planning at this point, and everything I have is almost all in storage. Soon to be on our lot storage which will be nice. But I haven't room for my stuffs. I have my sewing machine and quilt stash, 3 knitting machines, a Studio electronic, Passap Dou 80 and a Pinkie. I know how to use none of these and will probably only keep the Studio, a loom,lots of fibers,fleece and weaving yarns, an iron rite iron er, my carder,combs and hackle, and I am sure I have forgot something. My 2 wheels will stay in the house. Oh yeah all the dyeing stuff I have. So hubby decided I could get a portable building for the back of the property and it would be called Studio D:) I am excited and will probably spend the evening planing my space. It will be 12x28. We will get the tractor out this week end and get the trenches dug for the water, sewer and electricity, so when she moves in, we will be ready! It should be about 2 weeks. I will have a utility sink, microwave,washer and my propane cooker for dyeing. Hopefully I can be in by next month!

I spent some time this week end spinning some thicker yarn of Silver Salish,Shetland and Mohair plied with Tourmaline chips I got from Leroy and Finch on Ebay. They have some nice natural stone beads. I knit it into a scarf for the my daughter in Wisconsin, I haven't blocked it yet

Kinda different colors, but it turned out pretty with the purple and blue Tourmaline. I couldn't believe how nicely the Mach 1 plied the chips, they just flew thru with no hang up at all! It's nice and thick and soft. I think she will like it.

Guess what I got in the mail the other day!!???

White Salish!! It is so soft and pretty, I can't wait to wash it and get started :)

I have been pretty good keeping up on my posting, maybe next week I can do well too.