Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's June!!!

I can hardly believe it is June already! But with the Hot weather we are having I shouldn't be surprised :) They delivered my building the other day, so this morning I dug the ditch for the electricity and part of the one for the sewer. I also got all the insulation ready to stick up this evening when I have hubby's height! Then there are water,shelfs, and moving all my stuff out there. It is suppose to cool down some next week, I hope it will just till I get my stuff moved, then it can get warm again.

I found a picture I had tucked away of Jeffery's little boy that was born after he died. His name is Jeffery Elliot Shults. Isn't he cute? I miss seeing them so much. We haven't heard a word from Jane, and any phone calls from myself or my daughter go un answered. :(

He is one of Parker and Caroline, Parker has daddy's watch. Things like this make them feel closer to Daddy, but when I look at these, I still see the watch on Daddy's wrist and it breaks my heart. Still, I love to look at the pics of the kids, the pictures are about 1 year old.

I need to take some pics of some of the things I have been working, maybe tomorrow, today is errons for goats, they need pellets and wormer, so off to the feed store I go.

I had sold my Rose a few weeks ago. It arrived broken, I have been talking to FedEx about the claim and yesterday I got my wheel back and was told they would pay for the claim. Thank goodness! Anyway, I have a wheel now that is too expensive to repair. The head is broken right where the tension peg goes in, it could be glued and be fine. The support on the right bottom is cracked, it also could be glued and be just fine. You would hardly even know they had been broken. The wheel was separated on the outside edge, spins fine, but can't be fixed so it looks good. So what do you do with a wheel like that? I really don't want to just throw it away, but I don't really want to keep it. Any suggestions? I have all the flyer's and accessories that go with, they weren't damaged so I will sell those. Anyone need a Rose for parts? Anyone know of someone that needs a wheel for a child or someone really needy?