Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just a time to write

I have been having people looking at my blog. That is so exciting. I am one of those people that really don't like being in public much so I mainly communicate thru the web and this is so exciting to me. I guess I have never really liked the social thing, although when my kids were growing up we were always busy and in the middle of things. Now I am older and I don't have to do that unless I feel like it, and I am so busy with the things I enjoy, I choose to stay home and do them! I also have a great hubby that allows and in encourages me to do so. We you get older I guess they call you eccentric, is that me? I just thought I was different:)

We have had a rough year and 1/2 so my "hiding" at home has been out of necessity for a while now. We lost our oldest son Sept. 29 2006. He was on a walk around his home one evening and was hit by a car. He was only 36 and had 3 young children and one on the way. I can't even begin to tell you how this has changed our families life. Everyone around you life goes on, yours stands still. I am doing better, some days are awful, it helps at times to write about it. People around you get tired of hearing the story over and over so you run our of ears. We are estranged from our DIL so we don't even get to see the grand kids, I don't know what happened there, she just got mad one day. They were Jeffery's life and reason for being, he was such a good dad. I'm thinking the DIL wants to move on and it is easier for her if we(his family) aren't involved. She won't even talk to my daughter and her family. How things change. Someday the kids will be old enough to seek us out on their own, I wonder sometimes what she tells them, I know they ask about us, we only live 2 hours away and I was there atleast once a week. I hope they don't think we don't care, and that daddy's family is just gone.

So now on to funner things! I just ordered some more Knit Picks needles. I just love those things! I got to cables and some tips. I thought about ordering the set, but I have the Denise set and I really never use the bigger needles so I thought I would just pick and choose.

We have finally had some rain! Our lake out front got so low and now it looks like a lake! The creek is running, sounds so pretty, but boy do we have some clearing to do! I'm still playing around with the idea of a couple of sheep. But I'm not sure I really want the responsibility of taking care of them everyday. It may be better to just purchase fleece at the White Barn Farm. :))

I have decided I want to try Fair Isle knitting, I saw the cutest Tam my daughter, lives in Milwaukee, would get so much use from.

Isn't this beautiful? Now if she would develop a pattern for a pair of gloves to match! Hint Hint.
I think I will dye some yarns today for this project. I was thinking that I would have way to much yarn now that I spin, but it is turning out that I am always in need for more more more!
Now to go find more projects!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I was hoping I would have more time to keep up on my blog, but it is hard to fine time.

But I did finish my Folk Shawl knit together. It is the Peddlers Shawl.

I made it from some Merino I had. It is so soft! I dyed it in greens,blues and left some white. It spun up great and it is so light and delicate. I thought it would be alittle bulkier when I was knitting it, but after blocking it came out light and airy. I am thinking that maybe I should have done alittle more garter stitch to balance it alittle more, but I do love the lace and the pattern is so easy.

I will deffinately make this again, next time maybe a heavier yarn next time. I don't know what shawl they will pick next, they are all so pretty it almost doesn't matter :))

So now I need to get busy and finish my hubby's vest out of a very large Llama!

Here is Mr. Llama, he was a big boy and very pretty.

Here is a close up of the cable and a picture of the back. I need to ply some more and I will get the fronts done.

It's been a long time since I have done anything on large needles, I forgot how fast it is!!

Here are the tools I like best. I have had a couple of people ask what type of combs these are. They are Indigo Hound 5 pitch combs. Can't say enough good about them.
I use them for everything.

I even blend on them, my bestest friends!

I still haven't gotten far on my socks, I am to the point where I am going to start the heel and have put it off till I have time to really consintrate.

I have some beautiful fleece I got from the White Barn Farm. It is a light

grey and I think I am going to get it ready to make a

cardigan for hubby. It is absolutly wonderful, can't say enough about their wool, so clean and soft!!

I think I will mix it with some black Alpaca and some great Shetland I have

Doesn't it look yummy? Now to pick a pattern!

I have also started another shawl, out of Cashmere. It is a Sivia Harding pattern Waves in the Square.

She has some beautiful patterns and you can downlod alot of the right away. I just love that, I guess I am bit impatient.

Here's a picture at the bottom of our drive as you come up to the house. A little cloudy today, but still nice. No birds today :((