Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 2!

So I have actually had several people visit my blog! Today I had chores to run, I just hate to have to leave the house, but before I did, I threw some wool in the pot with some dye. I have been spinning some purple yarn for a shawl for another SIL. It is shades of purple, Merino, Angora, and Mohair. This SIL collect Dragons, so I found a pattern with a Dragon on the back!Here is the link where I found it You can download it right away! I love patterns like that! I was surprised! I thought I had spun up enough, and when checking the pattern, of course I am short. So I gave it a go, I never duplicate very well, and I think it will match up quite nicely. I still have some of the pink Mohair and White Angora and if I run into a problem I will do the border out of a more solid color and the Dragon in the brighter mixture. So now I have the fleece in the dryer on my rack hoping to get it dry today so I can start blending and spinning.

I am still working on the SpringSurpriseShawl. I am about 1/2 done with clue 1, clue 3 just came out, but I think there are a few that are behind like me. It seems to be a bugger for loosing stitch counts. I am also using needles I don't like and my knit picks should be here the end of this week. I am hoping that helps.


GailR said...

Love your work and your puppies. I was raised with/by danes. Now I live in a condo where the dane would not have room to turn around so I adopted a cat. At the store, there was a woman with 2 danes - a 2-year old and a 4-month old - to get them used to people. They were the only dogs not barking. Loved seeing them.

Good luck with the SSS, I'm almost done with my second try on clue 1.

Dori Ann said...

Thanks for the comment. This is the 6th time I have start this shawl. I am now on row 23 and have noticed that it has no * for pattern repeat so I stopped last night till I can find out if it is a mistake or if I am suppose to knit it all. I printed out the chart, I don't like charts, so I will look at that today and give it another go.
Good luck on finishing your clue! Have you posted pictures of it yet?

LDSVenus said...

Beautiful dragon shawl, I'm a dragon nut too. Where did you find the pattern?