Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've Kept Up This Week!!

This is my second post this week! Actually it's because I have worn my self out and I figure if I am doing something on the computer, I'm doing something constructive. So I finish spinning my lavender Shetland,Angora, it's been so long I don't remember what else!

Here is the 3 ply Alpaca,Salish and Merino I plied for the SIL a scarf, it actually felt alittle scratchy so I thru it in the dryer,dry of course, and fluffed it up some. Made it bloom alittle and soften it right up:)

Yesterday I had blended some Oatmeal Merino I had gotten from Jean Near a couple of years ago with some light brown Alpaca. I didn't think I had anymore washed so I dug thru my stuffs and came across the CVM I had gotten form The White Barn Farm and couldn't help washing just a little so I could see how it looked. Come to find out, I had already washed the Merino so it was ready to go. Here is a picture of the CVM. This is amazing fleece, not cheap, but worth every penny as there is hardly any waste and it is so easy to wash for a fine wool. This year I got a cream and a varigated brown. Last year I got a varigated grey and a cream. Next year I will have to mortgage my house to pay for what I have reserved!

This is the Merino and light brown Alpaca. Isn't it yummy? It is sooo soft, I'm just not quite sure what to use it for yet. I guess I will wait till I spin it and then it will talk to me, hopefully it will whisper MY name.

I also blended some silver Salish and grey Alpaca. Very soft, will have a little more hand than the Merino blend, so I am thinking something with texture. I just love the Salish, it is so soft and

fine, yet a long fiber with strength. I haven't made and socks from it but I expect it will wear well.

Anyone tried Suri?? Here is some I combed. It is as soft as silk. Amazing, I already decided if I get a Alpaca, it will be a Suri. I am going to use this for a woven blanket, I can only imagine the drape and softness it will have.

So while I have been so busy, here is what the rest of my family is doing all day :)))

So I got 2 more things ready for my Etsy store, I separated some of the grey Alpaca locks. I have 8 oz. Absolutely no veggie matter and no dust. I have run all the Alpaca thru my dryer and it is very clean and very soft. It has little black tips, no gaurd hair.

Then I mixed some Salish and black Alpaca on the blending hackle. It really turned out soft and pretty. I need to spin some up for a sample skein.

So now I have kept up on my blog. What everyone going to do over the 3 day week end? We are still dismantling our shed. Hopefully by Sunday we will start putting it together again! We are going to have great weather,in the 70's and low 80's. Low humidity. Boy is that nice this time of year. Another month and yuck, won't want to go outside. It's like walking into a sauna only you have to wear clothes!!

Have a nice week end everyone, and leave a comment while you are here!!!

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sharonm said...

Loved your blog. And that wool is soooooooo yummy. Perhaps I should get my wheel out again and relearn how to spin. It's been awhile and I wasn't that proficient when I put it away

Thanks for the yummy site.