Friday, May 23, 2008

Yahoo Group Lists

Well I have a forum on my own blog! I am really having trouble with a list I belong to. It seems like every time I post I am told I am advertising. I can't talk about wheels because I sell one. I can't talk about fibers because I sell them, I can't have this in my signature line, it can only be this long. Yet it seems that there are others that make there own product who can mention what ever they want. Or perform services that they are recommending one do. Others that can have "please visit my store". This is not advertising?? This is a list with no selling. I can understand that, but I mean come on folks. If you belong to a spin-list and you can't talk about wheels and fibers, what do you talk about? I belong to a huge number of lists, and this is the ONLY list I have ever had any trouble with. I am not going to cancel my membership (although I may get booted), I enjoy the posts and learn allot. But don't you think a moderator should have some moderation?
Gee it's nice to have your own soap box :)


Anonymous said... this spinning list perhaps the one with eight letters and a dash in the name? ;) Because yes, that one is over the top with so-called "moderation," and the rules are absolutely applied differently to different members--even to the point of encouraging bullying by long-standing members, but refusing new members the right to "talk back" to the bullies. There are other, nicer, groups out there, for sure! :)

Bev said...

We used to call it the "Spit" list.

bev in manning