Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Now Can I Stay Current This Month??

I have been good about posting this last month, which is good seeing that it really isn't my favorite. So I am hoping this month I can do as well! I did sampling today of the fleece I dyed. They turned out so nice,

this is Llama


taupe Salish, isn't it pretty?

I also took a couple of pics of my wheels,this is my Mach 1 and my knitting rocker. It is so comfortable to spin in.

This is my Timbertops

I did allot of washing the other day, as you can see from my earlier post, and boy my shoulders, neck and hands ached that night! It was foggy the next morning so I figure it must be the moister in the air. I hate having to slow down as I get older. I used to go till bedtime, which wasn't 9 pm! Now hubby and I look at each other around 9, yep time for bed. Thank goodness for Tivo :)
I joined several web rings, but am still pending so I can't go from site to site
yet :(
Here's some of the CVM I washed the other day, I love this fiber! It is so fine and soft. It mixes with anything, great by its self! And did I say soft?

So I think if I remember correctly I promised pictures of some things I did the other day. Here is the water left over from washing after it cooled.

There is a slight scummy surface but the minute you put the spoon in, it breaks up! I think it is the detergent that emulsifies it so it doesn't form anything hard, just like when you wash dishes. This leads me to believe that is why dish soap works so well. Laundry detergent doesn't break up grease. Of course this is just my opinion!

Here are some samples of the wool I washed yesterday. Everything turned out nice and clean! I did try to comb the Rambo to early, I figured I usually spray the wool before I comb it so it shouldn't make much difference if it's damp, right? Wrong! I stretched the fiber and neps neps neps! So I waited till it was dry, then combed and used my spray, neps :( So I combed some without moister, it was fly away, but no neps! This convinces me that stretching the fiber is the worst thing you can do with this fine of fiber. This is so delicate, that when you separate the lock with your fingers, you need to be careful! A little too touchy for me, but it has been a learning experience. Below is the Rambo, you can see the CVM and the Salish are above.

So now to get busy and do something with all this!

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

What do you think about your Mach 1? I am really interested in that wheel! I was thinking that I would try to bribe my DH into getting one for me for Christmas, but I am getting a sheep instead :) I will tell you about her in my reply email. She is a CVM/Romeldale...
I use Dawn dishwashing soap to wash fleece, I figure if they use it succesfully to wash animals that have been in an oil spill, it will not only work on my fleece but keep the grease from building up in my lines. I wash in my clothes washer with a fiber bag from Ozark Delights. Back to the reply email :)