Monday, October 20, 2008

Week End Catch Up!

It seems after each week end I am always behind. Behind in house work, behind in fiber prep, behind in groceries, behind in energy! I lag behind in shipping things that have sold from my store too. I always try to be so prompt on that one in particular. I hate waiting for things! So today isn't any different. I have spent all morning cleaning, who would think 2 people and 3 dogs and 2 goats would need that much work! No the goats aren't in the house, but they still need tending. If someone had told me how much Danes shed I would have told them they were crazy, but boy how they shed! I love my vacuum, it's a Dyson and it works!
So now I'm tired and need to get more done so I am going to spin and knit for a while :) Makes sense don't you think? I got caught back up on my shawl, ya know how you put a pattern down and then when you pick it up you have lost the rhythm? It always takes a few rows to get it back and get the counting right. I don't know if I am just getting old, or soft in the head, no comments, but I have a hard time keeping count. I used to keep it all in my head, not if it's not on my clicker, it's gone. I also got another batt done for my sock yarn, I am beginning to think I am going to have to spin up some solid Salish to ply with it so I have enough yardage. I ran out of the blue green, darn. But it should still look okay. I'm not a sock knitter and would like to try the magic loop method, I've got a book around here somewhere.
We had frost this morning! I was so surprised. These days are so great, love the weather. We have Pines and Hardwoods on the property and the leaves are looking so pretty. What I should do is take out the Mach 1 and do some spinning outside :))

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