Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally Pictures!!!!

Seems like it has taken me forever. I hate to end posts on a "not so happy note". So today I have pics!!!!
I met a very nice lady on the Internet.
Take a look :0

I was so thrilled.
Now my little mind is a workin, what should I blend it with? What should I make? What a pattern? Do the rest of you take so much time planning projects? It takes me almost as long to figure what I going to make as it does to make it!! Of course I love looking on the Internet for patterns, and going thru all my old magazines ewing and awing over patterns.
I have some lovely Shetland in a light grey that I think is calling my name on this :))

I have also been working on Heathers scarf of the hat,gloves and scarf set. She was at 20 degrees this morning and walks Hayden to school in the morning so I'm thinking I need to spend some time on that for her!!! This is the pattern I'm using. Do you know how hard it is to find a pattern for a matching set of all 3?

Heather loves purple, I have some yarn that was some of the first yarn I ever spun, eeekkk over 10 years ago, I don't even remember all that is in it, except mohair and angora. Looks like maybe Merino, it's all very soft. But it is overspun in some spots and not really even. But it is giving it a nice texture and when it's blocked I think it will be pretty.
It changes color and texture so much I am switching from skein to skein so it will look consistent when I am done.

Here is a picture of the scarf so far.

I also came across my first attempt at weaving! It is a rug I never finished, wasn't happy with the weight. But it's interesting to look at now. The warp is Hemp and the weft is a hand spun yucky yellow wool and the rest is Linen. I got a kick out of it, I may just weave in the loose ends and put in front of the back door.
Here is a picture or the Salish taupe yarn I am spinning for this! It is so springy! This is the neatest fleece. The silver I have is much like very soft mohair, the brown and taupe is very crimpy and soft. I haven't gotten the white, except the lamb, washed yet so I'm not sure what it will resemble.

I have eyed this for a long time, but haven't been in an area where I could really wear it. Well this year in NC, it looks like it will be cold enough. Now will I have it done in time to wear it this year? Probably not :(

I also got a couple of pictures of the goats yesterday, they are so cute!
They are Boar goats, as you can see they talk and smile!
Smiddy smiling

Little Candy :)

Her hiney is getting so furry, I think I see spinning in her future!

Then there was this little thing that followed me home the other day.I just turned around and there it was :)
She is a Union Special Loom made for rugs in the early 1900's. Made of mostly oak and in good condition. After we move I will get her all cleaned up and ready to go! It's the only 2 shaft loom I have and will be perfect for making fleece rugs.

I am so anxious to get all my looms set up, I'm sure it will take me a year to get them all warped!

So I am going to start my socks today. There is a yahoo group I joined to learn how to make socks from the toe up to fit any foot, any yarn, any needles. That will come in handy as I spin all my yarns and have many different feet to knit for!

This is some Salish I'm going to knit my spinnin socks out of,

I don't know if I am weird, but I sure do enjoy the yahoo groups I belong to. There is one I can't post to :( but the rest I really like. I have developed a fond relationship with the members and look forward to hearing of their projects, learning from them and sharing mine. I usually check in when I take a break thru out the day.

I also really enjoy blogs! I am in awe of some peoples! They are so elegant in their writings, explain things so well, and have posts that are so interesting. It can be very intimidating! I am going to take the time to add some good links to mine this week. I would l really like to search out some good ones for knitting, spinning, weaving and quilting. I haven't added any for quilting and I really enjoy it, but haven't had the time to really participate in that activity for a while. I have had 2 quilt tops finished for several years! One for my "step" ( won't pref ice that again as she is more than that ) mom and one for my hubby. I actually have the batting and backing all basted and ready to quilt for my mom. It's in a box :( O well I do have the best intentions :)

My leg!! It just isn't getting better. I'm not sure what they are going to do. I will see the Dr at the end of the week if it doesn't look any better. I don't have any health ins. at the moment becasue of the job move hubby has made. So to go into the hospital at this point really isn't an option! Maybe just more antibiotics. It's still red and hot and hard! I keep thinking every morning I will wake up and it will be gone!

I've had way to much time on my hands with hubby up north and really miss him. I didn't really realize how much we shared at the end of the day, or through out the day as far as that goes! We draw alot of strength from each other on those not so good days too. Hopefully we will be able to finish this move by mid Dec.

I am also finding I don't make good use of my time without those "deadlines" when you have that extra person in your life you work around. My mom has had that since my dad passed a year ago. It's is very easy to wander and not accomplish things thru out the day. Maybe it's age! Oh No!


Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Okay, you tease! Hand over the information, Dori Ann, and nobody will get hurt. WHO was the "very nice lady"? That fiber is - wow! What is it?

The green 3-piece set you knitted up for Heather is gorgeous - wonderful job you did on them! I like the purple and pink scarf, too - really, really nice.

PLEASE don't wait to get that leg looked at again...PLEASE! Have you tried hot fomentations to bring the infection up and to the surface - and out? This sounds so bad, like it's getting way worse and way too fast :-( I am really worried, Dori. Blood poisoning could be next (I know - I'm not telling you anything you don't know!). I know there are several 'home remedies' you can use for a safe fomentation, but my brain is apparently on 'hold' today - I can't think!
Hugs - and call that Dr!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I know what its like to not have insurance, but it seems to me that I would rather pay on a hospital bill for the next two years than lose my leg!
Soooo much to comment on! I love the loom, it is beautiful! And the goats are so cute! I love 'em, just dont have room for them right now...
Where did you get the angora? I have been looking for some, but it is all so expensive!

Dori Ann said...

If either of you think you are getting your hands on my angora supply, your crazy :)))))

Dori Ann said...
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LDSVenus said...

The fiber looks so soft!!! I love the purple and Salis yarn, they are beautiful. They will be so fun to knit with, I imagine they were also wonderfully fun to spin as well. :) Back to packing, sigh.

Delighted Hands said...

Dori, I have given you an award on my blog! Thanks for all you do for us on our Yahoo groups!

Dori Ann said...

An Award!!! I'm so honored!
I want to thank my husband, children, grandchildren, those on the groups that have so inspiring and brought the best out in me, I also want to thank .........
My oscar speech! I've been saving this for a while :)
Seriously, thank you so much, it really means alot to me just to be apart of all you great people!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Here you are posting photos and I've lost my camera. :-(

LOVE the hat/mitts/scarf pattern! VERY classy. Did you purchase it? A link would be great.

Have you been putting lemon juice or charcoal poultices on your bite? I would be doing whatever I could to draw out the infection, but I agree with the others; it would be better to go into debt and get proper medical attention than to lose your leg - or worse!

Probably Jane said...

Wow - what a lot of beautiful projects. I wish I could just 'pop round' and learn all about fibre preparation from you!

I do hope your leg is soon on the mend- do seek help sooner rather than later. It will be less costly in the long run on all levels.