Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We you can all start laughing now :) Smiddy has decided the woods across the street looks like a lot better eaten than at home. This is looking down our drive, he likes the pond. So hubby is on his way to get a stronger electric fence charger. Part of it is our mistake, we didn't really introduce them to the fence so they knew what to expect. So Smiddy found a little low spot and decided if he went thru really fast, it didn't hurt enough to make him want to not do it again!!

It probably wouldn't be so frustrating if we hadn't just lost our Out Building we have been working on :(( We had it ready for rafters and outside sheathing the next day, we had winds over that evening in the 70 mile range with gust of 80. Well now we have a pile of match sticks on a solid floor :{{{{

At least nothing else was damaged, but shoot! So this week end we will cut all the nails and start putting her back together again. And everything is cut and ready to go and not but a few pieces actually broke.

I have a farm up north of my that raises Highland Cattle,Donkeys,Llamas and Alpacas. She has alot of wool to get rid of, so guess where I am going tomorrow, if Smiddy stays where he is suppose to. I will take some pictures and show you what I get!
I'm spinning some Alpaca,Salish and Merino now on the Mach 1. It is a Red,Brown and Cream and I am going to triple ply it. It is very fine so I am hoping it will make a light yarn as it will be warm. But I don't know what I am going to make out of it yet! I will take some pics of it when I have it plied.

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Karen said...

My sympathies on having to redo the outbuilding! Your yarns look wonderful; your dogs are a picture of repose, very peaceful (unless snoring is involved that I can't hear). I found the blog by accident and am so glad I did so. It's wonderful.

Cheers, Karen