Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Our Goats!!

Girls first, this is Peanut, she is 5 months old and a Boer goat. She loves to be picked up and scratched on her sides. Look at that face!

This is Smiddy, he is 15 months old whether. A Boer goat and as cute as a button, he likes his ears petted.

We have 3 acres of leaves,bushes and pine trees for them to live in. a creek to drink from and lots of love to receive :) I am thinking if these guys can't keep up with the growth, it will be time to get a couple of Angora's to go with. Hubby is a little sceptical, he knows what happens when we start acquiring animals! We have our old Great Danes and of course our rescue Capt. Jack and I am thinking after we no longer have our old guys, hopefully quite a while, we could look into a Great Pyrenees or Anatolian Shepard for an outside dog. It is hard for me to imagine a dog that would really prefer to be outside, but that is what I hear. Of course I will have to do much research to make sure we will be a good home for them :) Isn't he pretty? The people where we got our goats raise these sweet dogs!

We also almost have our out buildings done! I am excited for that as I can have a whole huge area for fleece, my carder,picker, lots of other stuffs. I have my sewing room but working with all the fleece is messy for in the house, I would rather have it set up out there. Will also have the drill press and grinder set up for hackles and who know what else :)

We have the possibility to acquire 3 more acres around us, I would love that, I like not seeing anyone at all when I am out doing my things, but there is the up keep ect. We'll see, I was thinking also maybe we could put a little park model trailer on the back lot so when Heather,our daughter, and the grand kids come they would have nice place to stay and I would have my time to recover from grand kids!! Two boys, energy, never still, how much of that can you take in one day????? Love them to death but boy!! And my poor dogs, they have been raised as the only kids in the family.

These are my Daughters children

Here is Hayden, he is grandma's boy, 4 years old and as smart as a whip!

Here is Zachery,2 and such a charmer, and those eyes!

Here is a pictures of Jeffery's kids, the first is Lauren as her kindergarten graduation, she is almost 6

This is Caroline, she is almost 5, quite the prissy girl as I'm sure you can tell :)

And this is Parker Jeffery, he is just like his Dad, what a pill

I don't have a picture or Elliot, our little guy that was born 3 months after Daddy died. He was a blessing. We have had very rocky time with the DIL and we don't get to see the kids anymore. I won't even go into that one.!

So I have been doing some experimenting with some spinning and here is a beaded yarn I did for my Etsy store, I was really please at how it turned out, I am thinking I may go ahead and spin up the Raspberry Chocolate into yarn for a scarf and trim it with the beaded yarn. It is so soft and I think Heather would really love it for her weather there in Wisconsin!

I blended another group of Salish,Polypay, a little mohair, it is a springy color I'm anxious to spin it up and see how it turns out, not sure what to make from it yet, maybe as I am spinning it will talk to me :)

Then I got busy and spun some Fuchsia for me, about 1900 yds.
And I got the brown Salish for Randy a cardigan, it is soooo soft and springy. I just love that fiber! 2300 yds

Then there was this :(( Ever think something will turn out good and then you end up with something like this????
Maybe I will felt it and make some slippers. There is about 300 yds.

Well I sure have made up for not posting for a while! I appreciate any feed back people have about my blog or my Etsy site. So let me know you were here!!

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