Monday, September 22, 2008

Two New Pets:))

Well I was visiting another site and she had a little lamb. No her name isn't Mary :) So I checked it out and picked up Marty and Licorice. You can pet Marty, he will follow your cursor. Licorice eats alot and scratches. Now if she bothers you, as I am finding her scratching can , please go down and push her sound button and she will just eat and stop her scratching!
Had a very busy week end. Got some drainage put in the front before winter so it won't erode so bad. We have sand here and it will wash off until you get to the harder sand stone and then it will wash from there into deep ruts. Our property has a slight grade down to the creek, so if we get really bad rains, which it has been know to do here, it can be a mess. So we have planted some rye grass around the yard and in the pastures and graveled the drive. Also have been getting the storage shed cleaned out. We moved from a 3800 sq. foot house so we have lots of stuff. It's almost all going way! I am so tired of having so many things, I want everything to be simple and useful and that's all! I'd rather spend my time doing things I like at this point of my life and with no family around (that we get to see :( ), won't be having all those family dinners and get together either. It's hard sometimes to look at something and think, oh maybe I should keep that. Haven't used it for 5 years! But now all of a sudden I will need it :0. Not anymore! I finally kicked hubby out of the shed and started going through it all alone. He is worse than I am.
Also got some really pretty things listed on my site and had a several sales this week end so I am behind at the beginning of the week. That's okay, now I will have to go out and work on some more Alpaca and other pretty things :))
I listed some combing wastes for felting, last time I sold these so fasts and got really good feedback on them. But I think maybe I priced it to high, so this afternoon I'm going to lower it to 60 cent an oz. It's really very nice, if I had the time and enjoyed spinning more novelty yarns I would keep it and spin it up. But my time is better spent doing more of what I enjoy. I started adding blogs I enjoy, not that I have just started enjoying them, I just forget to add them! Like movies I watch, I forget the names before I can get it listed and then I think, oh that was a good movie what was the name of that? Yes it's called age!
So I guess I best get it going, do something productive, beside clean house!

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