Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yes I've Been Dyeing Colors Colors!

So I got up into the rafters, pulled out some Salish,Alpaca,Llama,CVM and Merino and I started dyeing. I have all kinds of colors! Here's what I did yesterday. You can also see my old man, that can hardly get up and down with out help, found a way to get to his favorite spot! He is so sweet. I have to help him with a towel to get in and out of the house, and sometimes just to move from bed to bed, but somehow he managed to get here from the bedroom! That's not unusual for Great Danes when they get old. Most die around 7 or so. Pete and Penny will be 11 in February! As they age they seem to loose track of the hind end. They don't know where it is or what it's doing :( They aren't in pain at all, it just does what it wants. So when he tries to get up, sometimes his legs get under him and work and sometimes he tries so hard and then looks at me and waits. It is very time consuming, but we love him and he has been such a good friend, he will be taken care of until he leaves this world on his own, or gets so uncomfortable he wants too. His sister is much more agile, and she has had both her hind knees replaced! We thought she would end up with arthritis so bad she would be in pain as she got older, but she is doing so well. Some people really think we are crazy as our lives really revolve around these guys now that they are old, but I don't want someone putting me down just cause I am a little extra work! Our little rescue Jack, he's 155lbs now :), is doing very well, he has fit right in and actually has perked up the old guys. We were worried they would have a problem with him, but they tolerate him quite well :)) He was only 95 when we got him, he had been in the pound for 3 months, had an infection and was so sick. My vet called and asked if we would take him as he wouldn't last another night. So what could we say? She took him home, treated him till he was on his feet and home he came! He hid in the bedroom for 2 weeks! Ducked every time we would reach out to pet him, as felt so scratchy :( Now he bounces and leaps, plays tug a war, and tries to curl up on your lap in the evening to watch TV! He is so sweet! If you can't tell, we love our dogs :))

So here is some fleece I combed, thought I would take a pics as it shows how different fleece and lengths comb up together. I think it turned out nice and fluffy!

So now I need to get busy and get all the wool I dyed today dry!

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