Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have gotten some pictures taken of my last couple of days work or I should say fun. First I have been complaining so about not having any of my knitting caught up. As I looked thru it and decided what I was going to finish and what I wasn't, it's not as bad I thought.
I have this vest for hubby, it is CVM and so soft! Variegated greys with dark grey trim. This is what it will look like when it's done.
As you can see, I only have 3/4 of the back done. I need to get going or he will never wear it this winter.

This is another vest, yes hubby likes vests, he wears them instead of coats most of the time.

This fleece was huge and so full of colors! It was so much fun to knit up and see how the colors mingled.

This one is all done except the pocket lining which I need to spin a little yarn for, it gets a zipper up the center, blocked and it is all done! It has 2 big cables up each side, it is so heavy and soft, makes you want to cuddle up in it.

Now for my shawl, I'm making it from Store Bought Yarn! Yes I know, it went against my grain too, but it is Cashmere and I loved the colors.

This is what it will look like when I am done.

It is called Waves in the Square Shawl by Silva Harding. The yarn is a pink,taupe and brown marl.

I am only about 1/4 of the way finished with this one. If I would just sit down and get to it, I could have it done in a week or so. So what's keeping me? That's a good question :)
Here is my experiment with a variegated yarn in a Fair isle. I guess you would actually call it Fake Fair isle. It was going to be a hat for my daughter, if it gets done. For some reason I have just lost interest in it :( The yarn is gorgeous, Grey Shetland and Angora back ground and a Mohair,Shetland and Angora design yarn. It was one of my first attempts in blending Angora. That tells you how old the yarn is!

This is some Green Salish,Silver Salish and a blend of Rose Llama,Columbia. I'm going to spin this up for a sock yarn.
The Salish gives it a fuzzy look like Mohair only softer. It is as strong as Mohair so I should make some nice socks. I am tearing the batt and spinning with the colors blocked.
Remember when I washed and dyed up the Rambo a few weeks ago? Well here is some I spun up last night. I had a break in the yarn while plying it so it will be used for weaving. I have about 270 yds. of lace weight in this skein, so I think I will spin up something to go with and make a scarf on the loom.
This was spun woolen long draw, it really is a springy yarn.
The color turned out a soft red, I wonder what color would look good with this in a scarf? Any ideas?
This is my skein that I am so please with! You know when you are spinning something and you have it in your head how nice it will be, only to get it off the wheel and it isn't as nice as you thought? I was so hoping this would turn out nice. After looking at the taupe color so long, I was wondering if it would be boring. It is CVM blended with Angora also spun long draw. I plied this on my Mach 1 and ended up with a total of 700 yds in one skein. It is a very light weight lace and oh so soft! I have it washed, but it's not quite dry, after it is good and dry, it will go in my dryer on air and fluff up! Then I will take another picture and post it.

I am as pleased as I hoped I would be!

Now the big decision, do I keep it and make a shawl? Do I put it up on my Etsy site for sale? Only time will tell :)

Here is my experiment for this evening. I blended this today, it is Rose Alpaca, White Romney and Brown Merino. Oh yes soft!! So I'm going to spin some up and see how it turns out. I don't want to blend something and put it up on my Etsy site and then have it spin up into a glob of colors. I am hoping for a nice variegated yarn. Will see!

Wow this was a long post! I guess I have been busier than I thought!

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