Friday, October 10, 2008

Felting Can You Do It???

If you have read thru my blog at all, you know that I have really wanted to learn how to wet felt. After all, look at all the fiber I have left over!! I joined a Wet Felt yahoo group, unfortunately it is very quiet. But there is one member who just started her own Etsy shop. I went to look, how can you not :), and wow, she really has some pretty neat things! Now for those of you that know about felting, you know how much work wet felting is. For those of you that don't here Kim explains it her self.
"My passion now is making felt by the wet-felt technique. I sometimes use the felting needles. Thanks to my friend who moved to Sweden and introduced felting to me. A fine colleque helped me with different felting techniques. Felting is so much fun to do! It gives me new energy in this world where everything has to be done fast. Felting is physical hard work and can take a while before it's finished. Never the less Is felting something magic every time. Colors somehow mix together and become new colors.The process of felt making is as follow: Start placing the short wool fibres in opposite directions,Make it wet with warm water and soap,Place another 2 layers of fibres, wet it and repeat till 6 layers are done.Now the hard work comes: start rubbing very gently in the beginning, but more and more firm to the end. This rubbing helps the fibres decline together. After a while (mostly 3-4 hours depending how much wool)the wool is felted. Rinse the piece out and let it dry flat. It's a WET-FELTED piece now"
That's some elbow grease! Here are some pictures of a few of the things in her store.

This is made of wool and silk, you really need to go to her Etsy store, she tells how she made it!
Wow, it's gorgeous!

Are these necklaces not cool?

Need a crown for a Prince or Princess?

And who is this little Princess?
Here is a link to Kim's Store
Vilt A La Kim
Stop by and leave her some hearts and welcome her to Etsy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dori Ann,

Thanks for mentioning me!. I don't know if I get more traffic from it. How can I messure that? If you need any tips on how to wet-felt just let me know ok? I am also in another yahoo group only wet- felting: felting · Felting ArtCrafts. In the documents are some tutorials described. Check out You- tube and you even find some "live" tutorials.
regards Kim