Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not For The Faint At Heart!!

So I am doing my morning chores, feeding the dogs, cleaning kitchen ect. Our rescue Jack always eats by him self, he was starved before we took him in and has taken his food very seriously now that he has had some! Pete and Penny have always eaten together since pups so we have never had a problem. I usually stay present so I can see whats going on, pick up dishes as they are done and finish cleaning up the kitchen. Today I decided to go back and brush my teeth as I was in a hurry to go out and work on some of my stuff. Penny decided to go and check out Jack and see if he was done! Jack growled, Penny lunged and that was it. I come out running, both are gnashing at each other, Jack is on top and Penny is exhausted, after all she is "old girl" and he is the "young pup". It's alittle intimidating being in between 160lbs and 145lbs, but I get him off of her, looks like things are calming down and out of the blue, Penny goes for Jack and my leg is in the way! OMG does it hurt!

Trust me, it looks better in the picture :( So I get some ice on it as it is quickly swelling, now I am just having alittle trouble stopping it from bleeding. It really does hurt :O

So now how will my day go?

And yes, the dogs are fine, Penny has a puncture on her ear and neck, Jack looks to have a couple on his neck, mom definitely got the worse end of it!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

OMGod! Are you OK??? Not a good place to be, between two great danes who've decided to fight! Jeez!

spininmamma4 said...

Get thyself to the doc hon! I know it stinks to go in, but that could get infected very badly! My mom had one that she went right away and still it got nasty bad before it got better. If it doesn't stop bleeding you may have some major damage in the tissue- you don't want that forever :-) Sorry for the pup fight though :-( Take care of yourself too!

TC said...

Ouch Dori Anne! That looks so painful! I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Did that require a Dr. visit? You can definitely tell it was a big dog with a big mouth that bit you. Scary!

I'm glad everyone is ok. Dog fights can definitely be scary. Glad our big ones never get seriously mad at each other. But our little Jack Russell, wooh, better watch out for that little fireball!

Take care! - Teresa

HollyEQQ said...

Ouchiwa! I have had several of those and they healed up nicely with no doctor - didn't want the doctor to call animal control.

The muscle is never the same underneath (the reason it hurts) because they are trying to rip the meat from the bone (sorry but true). I am sure your Penny was horrified when she realized she got you and not him!
Hopefully by now it has settled down and doesn't hurt so bad.

I feel your pain.