Saturday, December 20, 2008

Moving Moving Moving!

So I know it is right before the holiday, but seeing that we don't want to think about it, I'm not writing about it either! But I will take this time to wish you and your family's a wonderful Christmas.
I have been running between SC and NC all week and I am tired. It's been awful weather up north, foggy,misty,wet, it's like I'm in Oregon again ! In SC it's been sunny, warm, nice! I hope this isn't normal for NC, I don't like to many grey days!! Although Randy's work has been going good, so that is encouraging.
We are running reallllllly slim as far as finances for the move so I am selling my knitting machine. It really is a beauty, I put adds on the lists and will get around to putting pictures up on here probably tomorrow. It's a electronic Singer 840 with all the goodies. I am the second owner, the first made some samples and a sweater or two and stuck it away! I got it, made a sweater and stuck it away! Well now I need the money and the room, and may as well face it, I'm not going to take the time to learn this! I did the same thing with my sock machine :( So if anyone is interested in details, email me and I will send pictures and details! I'm asking 1450.00 including shipping in the continental US. I have all the original boxes! If that is out of your range, shoot me a price, I need to sell it!!!
So now down to funner things :)
We should be up here totally around the 5 th of January. I have been painting the little trailer up on the lot and trying to get it cleaned up. It really had been let go and is a mess, and of course with funds tight, it's mainly elbow grease for me. But that's okay, it's lookin good! I am putting some wall paper in the my dyeing kitchen, I got it at the re store, habitat for humanity, for 1$ a double roll!!! I love that store! I also got some miss mixed paint at Lowes for 5$ in Lavender and some off white. So the wall paper is off white back ground, with very light foliage and butterflies in lavender. Cupboards are off White, doors lavender, trim on walls lavender. Hubby kinda looked at it and was surprised, I told him it was my dyeing kitchen! It's got taupe colored carpet that is fairly new and in good shape, but the kitchen, baths and laundry YIKES!!!! We are taking out the 2 baths, putting in a 1/2 bath and turning the other into a walk in storage for fleece. The laundry will have a washer for fleece, but then my freezer will be in there too, with more shelves. Not quite sure what we are doing with the floor, probably vinyl tiles or something after we get up there and things ease up. In the dining area I'm going to put my sewing machine, Ironrite, and quilting stuffs. Then fiber prep , then living room full of looms! Front bedroom will be a small wood shop for hubby, after all he needs room to make my hackles and combs :)) Will move the wall in the front room to expand and keep the very back bedroom for storage. It's nice to have a distraction this time of year.
My old dogs have been having one heck of a time up here! The back yard is sloped, poor guys hind ends don't work well anymore and when they start down they keep going! Then down the butts go and they can't get up. Poor things, you would think they would not go down the hill!
We are out in the boonies here and it is Deer hunting season, this morning there were shots everywhere! I was afraid to let the dogs out for fear they would be mistaken as a Deer! At the far end of the property is a corn field so I would imagine the deer go there to eat.
We have had such a nice group on the handpreparedfiber group. Everyone is so considerate and full of projects to share. It's been so fun. I was worried that it would feel like a burden trying to host a group, but I love it! I don't think I would do it again, I think one is enough, don't want to push my luck, don't know if I would get such a nice group again!!
Don't really have pictures to post at this point, need to go and read all the blogs I watch, haven't had time for that yet either. Can't wait to get back to my normal life:)


Delighted Hands said...

Dori, a move is hard work but you have a good attitude about it! Hope the weather will be more inviting soon!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Sounds like a lot of work :)
Where is this group? I have one on Ravelry called 'Raw Wool Lovers Unite!' that is going well also, lots of great people! We are doing a fiber swap, sign ups end on Dec 31, you should join, its going to be a lot of fun!
You're sounding very well, glad to see it :)

Eileen said...

Goodness, busy, busy!! I'm sure it's exhausting, but you also sound emotionally energized - which might be a very good combination at this time of year.

Take care that you don't burn yourself out, though. We love and need you on our wonderful and rapidly growing list!!